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I have compiled the ratings for the Group 3 race at Santa Anita (USA)

The link to today's American ratings is...

In the fututre I'll try to compile these a day in advance so that you have more time to study them.

Introducing Daniel

p002Daniel (our man in Hong Kong) has some experience of Australian racing and has kindly allowed me to share it here.

This photo is about 10 years old, taken in Melbourne Australia, the race course is either Flemington or Caulfield.

I visited both tracks and can't remember which one this photo is from - high quality tracks.

I made enough money to pay for our 10 days hotel costs which was massive bonus,

We had a great time, the Aussies are fanatical bettors, I loved it because the Aussies also love all the Exotic bets that they do in Hong Kong,

Melbourne is a great City to visit, the Aussies are a really friendly bunch, fabulous beer, if you like beer and great wine if that takes your fancy.

I appreciate you live in France and are probably a wine expert, so a few days visiting the Wineries would be high on the list.

We visited about 6 wineries over a 2 day period, cheese, cold cuts, some great wines, and watching the cows come in for milking, lots of the wineries are also farms, really a wonderful way to live,

If you are going to do the Aussie racing something I forgot to mention the other day was trainers, here is my take on some of them...

Chris Waller of Winx fame, David Hayes, Gai Waterhouse, how she got into racing clip is worth watching, she had a tough time to start with, James Cummings, Peter and Paul Snowden, Darren Wier.

One who sneaks under the radar on Provincial tracks is Paul Perry, shrewd guy, that's enough to go with.

I do watch quite a lot of Aussie racing, the tracks sadly are very boring, but the Aussie commentators are great callers and will put there head on the block and call a winner whilst most of the UK ones would be saying PHOTO, THAT'S ONE FOR THE JUDGE!

Jockeys to watch are Tim Clark, and Brenton Avdulla.

In my humble opinion the best judge of a horse in the parade ring is an English lady called Lizzie Jelfs, she buries the rest of the so called experts, in the big races her opinion is worth listening too.

Darren Flindell is the best commentator, he spent 16 years calling in Hong Kong he returned to Aussie last year.

When Life Gets You Down...

Sometimes, when little things go wrong in life, it can be tempting to rant and rave or...

Take it out on the cat or the dog (or, the goldfish, even.)

What I do on those days when I've spent hours coding only to have the computer crash and lose all that hard work is to treat myself to a quick blast of humour.

I find that Fawlty Towers works best but Only Fools and Horses comes a close second.

This is one of my favourites...


Whatever you are planning for today...

Have a great Sunday.

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