focus-ratings-mornoing newsGood morning...

Today, in my part of France, lockdown restrictions have been eased.

I can now go out and put my rubbish in the communal wheelie bins without having to download a form and fill it out and sign and date it!

I can now pop out for a bottle of milk without having to download a form and fill it out and sign and date it!

My local bars and restaurants are still closed but most of them have started takeaway services (only 1 person allowed in at a time) so I can have my weekly treat of a meal that I don't have to cook myself without having to download a form and fill it out and sign and date it!

download (1)I know that it's only been 2 months but...

It seems an awful lot longer than that.

Please note that the easing of restrictions in France only applies to the South and West of France - Paris (and the heavily populated North-East) are still under strict control.

I feel like I've spent the last 20 years digging my escape tunnel with a toothpick.

It's a bit like escaping from prison!

And, what's more...

French horse racing is starting (behind closed doors) again today.

French Ratings

I have compiled the ratings for today's meeting at Longchamps.

I sent them to you yesterday but, if you missed them, the link to them is here...

I will be sending out the ratings for tomorrow's French horse racing (the 4 races covered by the Racing Post) later on today.

I'll also be sending out the ratings for Wednesday's meeting at Happy Valley tomorrow.

Now that this Morning News is out of the way, I'm going to try to get out a post which shows how I, personally, bet on French Horse racing.

I'll be using Longchamps – 12:25 – Prix de la Grotte – Group 3 – 8 furlongs - £23,729 and Longchamps – 13:05 – Prix d’Harcourt – Group 2 – 10 furlongs - £43,475 as my examples.

Normally, I'm lucky to get 4 races a week to bet on.

Today I can't bet on those two races that I've highlighted (even though I have an online PMU account) because my local PMU is closed today and I do like to do my betting in person.

If I had to describe my French betting style - I'd have to invent a phase such as "Mega-Dutching."

Something to make you smile...

To Tell The Truth...

Mr. Dewey was briefing his client, who was about to testify in his own defense. "You must swear to tell the complete truth. Do you understand?"

The client replied that he did.

The lawyer then asked, "Do you know what will happen if you don't tell the truth?"

The client looked back and said, "I imagine that our side will win."

Job Opening

A blonde walks into the police department looking for a job. The officer wants to ask her a few questions....

Officer: What's 2+2?

Blonde: Ummmmm... 4!

Officer: What's the square root of 100?

Blonde: Ummmm... 10!

Officer: Good! Now, who killed Abraham Lincoln?

Blonde: Ummmm... I dunno.

Officer: Well, you can go home and think about it. Come back tomorrow.

The blonde goes home and calls up one of her friends, who asks her if she got the job.

The blonde says, excitedly, "Not only did I get the job, I'm already working on a murder case!"







Whatever you are up to today...

Stay safe and healthy.

As always...

My kindest regards



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