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Our man in Hong Kong (although he now lives in Thailand) sent me a mail yesterday with more vitally important information for us.

"After 22 years of betting on HK Racing, in my opinion, the most accurate write-ups and information on Jockeys, trainers, plus who are current best-informed tipsters for Naps, quinellas, Trio's Tierce, etc is to be found at... - that's the South China Morning Post racing site.

Once there click onto racecards for some good info from Phillip Woo, then click onto Tips and Preview this will give you all the stats of everything I have mentioned above, this is invaluable information and will assist anyone who wants to bet on HK racing.

The racing info writeups will not appear until the day of the racing, however, it's worth checking late in the day as sometimes it has been made available early.

There is normally some good write-ups the day after the racing which also makes good reading, click onto Results, it's also worth clicking onto Talking points, all these things are available on the top taskbar when you open the racing page."

Once again, Daniel, thank you very much for sharing this with us.

The link to the ratings for tomorrow's meeting at Happy Valley (Top 3 Rated horses) is here...

The link to the ratings for tomorrow's meeting at Happy Valley (All horses) is here...

The 2 races that I shall be concentrating on are the...

13:45 - Super Winner - the top rated horse has a CPR of greater than 2.0 and the jockey, Joao Moreira, could probably be entered on a hobby horse and would still win.

15:15 - Confucius Day - the top rated horse has a CPR of 2.33 which is 28% greater than the second rated horse.

2020-04-13--1586755944_314x233_scrotHowever, I shall also be looking at the 13:15 - Happy Good Guys ridden by C Y Ho.

The horse has a CPR of 1.91 but the second rated horse only has a CPR of 0.66 which makes Happy Good Guys a far better horse than all other horses in the race as far as the ratings are concerned.

As you can see from the image, C Y Ho has a pretty good record.

Something to make you smile...

Parking Tickets

The wife and myself had come to town to pick up a few things.

We came out of one store and saw a cop writing a ticket for illegal parking right in front of us on the curb.

So we asked him nicely to give a couple of retirees a break.

But he paid us no attention and kept writing.

Just loud enough for him to hear, my wife said, “What a Bozo.”

The cop looked up, stared at my wife, then started writing out another ticket.

I said, “Honey, this guy probably just learned to read and write, and he’s so proud of himself, he’s showing off.”

The cop tore off the 2nd ticket and started on a third.

We kept making comments and he kept writing tickets till he was up to about half a dozen.

Finally, glaring at us, the cop left, and we walked on down the street.

We didn’t care about the tickets.

We always take the bus into town, and anyway, that car was one of those obnoxious Hummers.

Being retired, we always try to find ways to keep ourselves amused.

We feel it’s important.

Our Baby?

After 5 years, a wife begins to think her son looks nothing like her or her husband, and she decides to have a DNA test done.

She learns that their boy is actually from other parents, not even remotely related.

She goes to her husband and says, “Honey, I have something very serious to tell you.”

He says, “Okay, what?”

She says, “According to the DNA test, our son is not our kid.”

He says, “Oh, you don't remember, do you? When we were coming home from the hospital with him, you noticed that he had pooped. You said, "Please go change the baby, I'll wait for you here.” So, I went inside, got a clean one, and left the dirty one there.

Moral: Never give a man a job for which he is not qualified.

A boy goes to the circus...

And one of the sideshows is a tent that says "Man Who Remembers Everything."

Intrigued, the boy goes inside and sees an old Native American man sitting on the ground. He approaches the man and asks, "If you remember everything, what did you have for breakfast exactly three weeks ago?"

Without hesitation, the man responds, "Eggs." The boy is sufficiently impressed and leaves to enjoy the rest of the circus.

Many years later, the boy has grown up, gotten married, and had children.

One day he takes his family to the circus and is shocked to see the Man Who Remembers Everything is still there.

He brings his family into the tent, and there is the same old man sitting on the ground.

Excited to see the old man again, he walks up and greets him, "How!"

The old man looks into his eyes and replies, "Scrambled."




Whatever you are up to today...

Stay safe and healthy.

As always...

My kindest regards



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