focus-ratings-mornoing newsGood morning...

Things are progressing with getting things ready for the resumption of GB racing.

Although having no internet for most of Tuesday hasn't helped there.

As it's market day here today I probably won't get much work done this morning but, hey ho...

That's just life.

As I mentioned yesterday...

I am working on a strategy for producing Ante Post Ratings.

I've also got a new project which I hope to be launching in just over a week's time.

Compass Ratings

Compass-RatingsI think that we had 1 top rated winner from the 9 selections from Sha Tin yesterday.

I'm not sure why the meeting was held at Sha Tin but it could have something to do with the political unrest over there.

Let's hope that we get back to our blindly profitable winning streak at Sha Tin this Sunday.

I should be able to get the ratings out for those first thing on Saturday morning.

Ill also try to produce a report showing our performance at Sha Tin since I started delivering the ratings.

Spotlight Ratings


The Spotlight Ratings for today are here...

There is a Group 3 race at Doomben (AUS) on Saturday.

From an initial glance it looks easy to rate and so...

I'll be getting the Spotlight Ratings out for that race tomorrow morning.

I'm still waiting for details of the Japanese Derby on Sunday.

Something to make you smile...

A man goes to Spain

He arrives, and of course, the first thing he has to go see is the daily bull fight.

The match is drawn out, a banderillero is gored, but eventually the bull is subdued and the matador emerges victorious.

The man is famished at this point, and so, entranced by the fight, he finds his way to the Torero, a bullfight themed restaurant near the arena.

“I’ll have what they’re having” the man says to the cashier, beckoning towards a couple sharing a plate with two giant meatballs. The cashier laughs and says, “come back tomorrow, we just ran out.”

The man watches the bull fights the next day, again witnessing a victory over the bull. This time, he rushes out of the stadium to get to the Torero and he asks the cashier, again, for the giant meatballs. “Sorry, last order just got served,” the cashier says, “but if you get here early tomorrow i’ll save it for you.”

At this point, the man is determined to try this dish. Having seen 2 bullfights already, he decides to skip them and go straight to the Torero the next day. He waits forever after ordering, and finally, his food comes out. His plate has two tiny meatballs on it. “Hey, I ordered the giant meatballs.” complains the man.

The cashier looks at him and says, “Well you see, the bull doesn’t always lose.”








Whatever you are up to today...

Stay safe and healthy.

As always...

My kindest regards



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