So far it has been an incredible start to the day.

From the first 6 races we have had 4 winners from the top rated horse - bringing in 11.86 points staked (to ISP) to 6 points staked!

Every one of the first 6 rated races was won by a top three rated horse!

Today we had no Diamonds and Gold selections.

But, tomorrow we have 3 selections...

Diamonds and Gold

Aintree - 17:45 - Mr Snoozy (a Gold selection.)
Goodwood - 18:35 - Nayslayer ( a Diamonds and Gold Selection.)
Aintree - 20:55 - Vivant ( a Diamonds and Gold Selection.)

Since the start of the free trial we have had 4 selections and 3 of those have won!

Is this the start of something special?

Are you ready to sign up in order to get some results at Ascot?

Well, you've got a few more days left to make up your mind.

As always...

My kindest regards



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