Today was a bit better for our free system - Diamonds and Gold.

Two winners from two races...

That's how I like it!

Two from two kind of means a 100% strike rate!

I'd normally publish the results the first thing int he morning but...

I've had so many emails from you guys (congratulating me; or the system???) that I thought it would be better to get the news out of the way right now.

These are the results...

Punchestown - 18:20 - Ballyoisin - 1st @ 1.66 ISP (1.64 BSP.)
Hamilton - 18:30 - Divniner - 1st @ 2.25 ISP (2.40 BSP)

Two from two is a 100% strike rate.

Sure, the profits weren't so great but...

In my world, profit is better than loss - I'll take profit 8 days a week!

2 points were staked (although, both of these selections were both Diamonds and Gold selections and, to my mind, should have been bet at double stakes.)

To ISP...

2 points staked = 3.91 points returned.

POI (profit on investment) = 95.50%

To BSP...

2 points staked = 3.838 points returned (after a 5% deduction)

POI (profit on investment = 91.90%

I'm going to spend tomorrow coming up with a more precise system for you guys; one that gives less selections but comes in with higher priced winners.

This one won't be a public system - it'll just be for you (and anyone else who spends the time looking at the free trial and taking valuable time to evaluate it.)

If you have any ideas to help me - please let me know; I've already had feedback from an old friend - he's told me that I should ignore certain race courses - I'll certainly be looking at that.

As always...

My kindest regards



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