When I created Focus Ratings I knew that I had come up with something special – something very special indeed...

A Horse Racing Ratings Service that has been in use since its launch in March of 2013.

Many of our current members have been with us since we first started when Focus Ratings cost just £10 a month.

However, over the years, Focus Ratings has grown and now has a System Builder, Free Systems, Live Ratings, Accurate Morning Ratings, Evening Before Preview Ratings and, more recently, a new and more accurate ratings formula for the Morning Ratings.

As a result, it has become more complex and, now costs £27 a month.

Now, whilst trying to promote Focus Ratings I have been reading all the feedback from people who have taken a 5 day Free Trial of that service.

These were some of the comments that I received...

“Too complex for me – I don’t understand all the fields.”

“Too expensive for me – I’m a pensioner.”
Too many different formats of the ratings – I’d never know which one to use.”

“I do my betting in the evenings – I’m at work when the Morning Ratings come out.”

Also, one of the Focus Ratings members mentioned that I ought to take a look at the Evening Preview Ratings part of Focus Ratings.

He said that whilst it’s not quite as accurate as the Focus Ratings Morning Ratings, he gets far better prices the evening before race day.

So, I decided to answer all those comments by creating a new service that is just the Focus Ratings Evening Preview ratings at an affordable price.

Thus Early Bird Ratings was born.

Our Service

Early Bird Ratings is a ratings service designed to aid you and help you narrow the field so that you can concentrate on the real contenders.


Our completely computerised analysis system selects the top three rated horses from each race and sends out the ratings every evening at 5:30 pm the day before the races.

● For the low price of £10 per month (plus VAT) or £25 a quarter (plus VAT), Early Bird Ratings are sent to our members at 5:30 pm the evening of the day before the races. This allows you to get the early prices.

● Every evening at 5:30 pm you will get an email showing the ratings and detailing the previous day's results.

● The ratings are easy to use and we are always willing to answer any questions that you may have.